What We Do

G9MD pioneers and provides transformative social business and virtual medical education solutions that are used to improve healthcare quality and performance delivery across organizations and divisions. Our mission is to simultaneously improve healthcare quality and make it more affordable.

Physicians, care givers, healthcare systems, and medical industry partners use G9MD's proprietary platform and integrated set of tools, services, processes, and social interaction protocols to facilitate and encourage engagement, communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing within and across organizations in real-time to improve the quality and pace of healthcare delivery. People from all around the world rely on G9MD day in and day out to create efficiency that leads to better patient care, a reduction in the predictable cost per episode in treating patients, improvements in operational proficiency, and increases in personal, professional and corporate performance. G9MD's platform and services help you and your organization transition into the new era of healthcare, medicine and business that requires the transformation of data into knowledge in order to solve today's problems and prevent them in the future.

G9MD offers much more than the most robust, next generation healthcare ecosystem ever developed. We address two of the most challenging issues faced today - how to maintain and improve the quality of care while simultaneously making costs more predictable. We develop novel technologies and implement new strategies that allow collaboration throughout the continuum of care.

G9MD promotes and sustains innovation by embedding both social tools and data into the daily workflow. For patients, this makes it more certain their care follows the best practices from leading hospitals and healthcare experts around the world so that they get the most effective treatment possible. Some of the benefits include faster access to healthcare experts and knowledge, and more agile business processes delivered via a people-centered organization. Adoption of G9MD's social business solutions spurs efficiency, productivity, and innovation. Encourage your healthcare providers, workforce and other stakeholders to share information with our HIPAA compliant platform and discuss healthcare best practices, as well as business problems and performance process improvements in a secure, yet openly collaborative setting. Socially enabling a healthcare organization is now imperative because leveraging collective knowledge and shared insights improves outcomes and saves lives.

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Why We Are Different

Technology alone does not provide a solution for social interaction and human relationships. What G9MD understands better than any other social business solutions provider is that the real challenge with introducing social business technologies in healthcare is not the technology itself, but the introduction of new modes of behavior among healthcare industry participants. The reality is that the cultural aspects of the social collaboration journey are far more rigorous and require more serious attention than the implementation of the technology. It is the people that matter because knowledge is one of the most valuable intangible assets of an organization.

Collaboration in healthcare is when individuals or groups work together, combining their strengths and negating their weaknesses to accompish a set of goals in treating patients. The important point about this definition is that a team approach is more likely to improve patient care, outcomes and satisfaction surveys at a faster pace.

G9MD helps healthcare systems and organizations treat the implementation of social business software as an organizational development (OD) activity rather than an information technology (IT) activity, taking a more holistic perspective of culture, education, business processes and technology. This involves the development of specialized programs designed to facilitate new modes of behavior and engagement.

We help our partners focus their human capital investments, and more generally, their investments in all intangible assets, to create distinctive and sustainable value. Intangible assets - those not measured by a company's financial system - account for more than 75% of a company's value. The average company's tangible assets - the net book value of assets less liabilities - represent less than 25% of market value.

We create sustainable value for our customers by leveraging their intangible assets - human capital; communication and collaboration; databases and information systems; responsive, high quality processes; physician and customer relationships; brands; innovation capabilitities, and culture. At both the macro and microeconomic levels, intangible assets are the biggest drivers of long-term value creation in the new social business economy.

When you inspire your workforce to innovate and collaborate more productively, you create both tangible and intangible business value. When you anticipate the needs of healthcare providers, and deliver exceptional experiences for patients, you delight your customers and create advocates and new leaders. When you integrate your business processes with G9MD's social tools, you secure a competitive advantage and pioneer new ways of doing business.

Contact us today at team@g9md.net to learn how you can use our fully integrated platform to help you with the social business strategy formulation and execution needed to mobilize and align your human information capital. The result? More effective internal systems with much higher output per person.



Justin Anderson

Co-Founder, President & CEO

As President and CEO of G9MD, Justin Anderson is responsible for overseeing the company's overall direction, planning and execution. He has a successful 20 year track record of building high growth medical device and information technology companies, all of which have been acquired and/or taken public.

Gary Gartsman, MD

Co-Founder, Medical Director

As Medical Director of G9MD, Dr. Gartsman is responsible for upholding the accuracy, relevance, and credibility of G9MD content. Dr. Gartsman is a board certified Orthopedic Surgeon and a past President of American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons (ASES).

Xiaoduo Wang

Senior Director of Platform Development & Integration

As Senior Director of Platform Development and Integration, Xiaoduo "Pablo" Wang is responsible for the integration of G9MD's most important platform development initiatives, including its secure enterprise application stack and next gen mobile applications.



The most integrated HIPAA compliant social business ecosystem ever developed for the healthcare industry.

Peer-Reviewed Courses

The world's leading medical meetings online - available any time, any place, any device.

Discussion Forums

The ideal place to have conversations with colleagues about specialized topics of interest.

Web Conferencing

Collaborate with colleagues across your organization, or around the world. Meet virtually online and share files, information, and expertise. G9MD's enterprise solutions increase productivity and decrease costs.

Virtual Learning

G9MD's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) gives educators the best tools to manage and promote higher learning. We built in features that allow it to scale to very large deployments and hundreds of thousands of concurrent users. Healthcare organizations use G9MD's VLE to conduct complete online training and educational courses for (re)certification, while some use it to augment face-to-face courses (known as blended learning). Build richly collaborative communities of learning around your subject matter, deliver content to your "students", and assess learning using online activities, assignments, quizzes, tests and more.

Activity Feed

G9MD's activity feed keeps you and your colleagues up-to-date with information that has been shared based upon individual account and content privacy settings.

User Groups

Many of G9MD's features are tied to user groups. For our Enterprise customers, we set up custom user groups with enhanced privacy settings and restrictions, if needed, for added control over what each user in a group can access or do.


Our team at G9MD takes every aspect of privacy seriously to protect you and your organization. Even upon completion of registration, new members are redirected to their personal Privacy Settings area where they can customize their default settings right from the start. You have complete control over how you would like to share and receive messages, content, types of content, and with/from whom. You can also customize how other members view, share and interact with you and your profile information.

Social Sharing

The ability to share information with others is crucial today and sometimes you will need to share select content openly and publicly to create awareness or drive adoption. G9MD provides RSS and social sharing tools to our members so that they can spread their own content across many other sites, if needed, based on specific content privacy settings that you control at all times.

Private Messenging

Connect with your friends and colleagues directly on a personal level.

Account Privacy

Easily control all of your own profile, content and account privacy settings in one convenient location.


G9MD's platform provides the ability for our members to add colleagues they may or may not know directly, to their own personal network.

Instant Messenger

G9MD's instant messenger is connected to the site wide footer bar, which gives our members the ability to instantly chat with other members or just with their friends or colleagues on any page they visit.

Member Profiles

Collaborate with colleagues across your organization, or around the world. Meet virtually online and share files, information, and expertise. G9MD's enterprise solutions increase productivity and decrease costs.


G9MD makes it easy for members to attach additional items of various file formats to their content.


Create campaigns to generate awareness and donations for projects or charity events that you support.


Online file sharing and cloud content management service for healthcare and enterprise companies. Access, synchronize and backup files from any smartphone, tablet or computer. G9MD's maximum security HIPAA compliant features include Cross Site Scripting (XSS) protection, SQL injections protection, Session Hijacking protection, Brute Force Login attempts protection, encrypted communication between users and our servers, and more. Folders containing image files (e.g. MRIs; XRays) can be turned into password protected private or public photo galleries with just two clicks. Upload and download complete files and folders and automatically resume interrupted downloads.


Need to collaborate on a document simultaneously to bring your ideas together? G9MD Members can share documents and whiteboards, and view/edit a document in real-time.

Real-time Translation

Communicate in any language. G9MD"s real-time translation feature enables conversations to be translated into the member's language in real time.

Upload/Share Content

Voice & Video Chat

Leverage G9MD's peer-to-peer technology to achieve high quality video conversations without using any bandwidth.

Suggest Content

Virtual Learning

Feature Content

Sponsor Content

G9MD Connect


G9MD Apps

G9MD Ad Server


SMS Notifications


Create polls for the entire community or with select colleagues or team members.


Share your thoughts and insights by writing blogs to share privately, with select individuals, or publicly.

Group Chat

Bring everyone together. G9MD's chatrooms feature enables members to chat with each other in password-protected private and public rooms.

Desktop Messenger

Single Sign-On

Bring everyone together. G9MD's chatrooms feature enables members to chat with each other in password-protected private and public rooms.



Manage Conversations











Live Broadcasting

G9MD's proprietary webcasting solutions are being leveraged by companies of all sizes in order to expand the reach and impact of key events like live surgical procedures, medical conferences, training sessions, and sales and marketing meetings. For physicians, employees and customers spread geographically, the live streaming of events allows you to cost-effectively reach wider audiences with your meesage without the time and expense of travel. Our engagement and interactivity tools will further engage your audince prior, during and after the events.

Benefits of Live Broadcasting using G9MD's platform and technology:

Wider audiences:Through webcasting, you have the potential to reach anyone remotely; all a participant needs is access to the internet. The biggest benefit is that you can dramatically widen access to information and events. For training physicians, medical staff or an entire workforce, everyone can receive the same training and information at the same time - which also ensures consistency.

Reduced costs:Think of all the costs associated with traveling, lodging, venues, meals, and more that add up when creating a traditional event. Most of these costs can now be eliminated through the power of web streaming.

Increased revenue:Using G9MD's web technologies can improve productivity of your employees as well as reach more customers while demonstrating a leading edge image. It can also help your company drive action and achieve resuls quicker and reduce the lead time and effort required to market your products and healtchare services.

Connect with your audience:Your online audience can remain as engaged as if being present for your message's delivery. G9MD's servers are configured to support encrypted user ID access, with the option of private and group live chat. G9MD can also track viewer participation and performance, thereby improving transparency and accountability.

Smaller environmental footprint:Being a good corporate environmental citizen can not only be a competitive business advantage, but more importantly, we believe it is the right thing to do. Given the viral nature of webcasting, you cna reduce the environmental footprint of your events and business.

Engagement Analytics

Strategy Consulting

Online Support